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The Opening Ceremony of "Abhinawarama Computer Training Center" - Kataragama

In accordance to His Excellency, President Mahinda Rajapaksa’s “MAHINDA CHINTHANAYA” His Excellency has declared this year as the year of Information Technology & English.

E-Base Asia has embarked on his Excellency’s vision as a corporate social responsibility to educate the under privileged

As the first step we have established “ABHINAWARAMA COMPUTER CENTER” in Kataragama. With the blessings of Ret. Venerable CHIEF INCUMBEMT KAPUGAMA SARANATHISSA THERO, under the guidance and patronage of Honorable Shashindra Rajapaksa, privet secretary to His Excellency the president and Basnayaka Nilame of ruhunu Kataragama Maha Devale.

The Computer Training center was declared open by the Honorable Chief Minister Central Province Sarath Ekanayaka

A special thanks to Mr. Priyantha Fernando, for making all of these Possible.


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